The following takes place between 5:00am-6:00am


Juliet and Kate were looking in their sexy bikini. What now? asked Kate. We will get what we need said Juliet. How? We are washing a car in the night said Kate. I know. Over 4 hours, is finally my sister waking up said Juliet. I can’t just to see her said Juliet.


Jack, who was still wake up looked at the cages. Can’t we have a deal? asked Jack. Ben was coming. Go further said Ben. If you let me go, or at least Walt, would you let me from the Island? asked Jack. Let me think said Ben. OK, we have a deal said Ben. But you towork for us, if you don’t wanna get shot said Ben. Why? asked Jack.


We have to sneak in the King’s house. How? asked Kate. Caroline and Alison did meet at the hotel. Alison was taking out a cigarette out her jacket. Would you give one to me to? asked Caroline. Alison gave a cigarette to Caroline. Thanks, I haven’t smoked in 10 years, but her death…Caroline was smoking up the cigarette. Ah, perfectly cigarette said Caroline. Alison was also smoking. I did only buy today cigarettes said Alison. That’s good...for only 1 time smiled Caroline to the younger Alison.


We need to get in the King’s house now said Juliet. Kate was scared. I haven’t slept all the day, because of Mother. Did Mother send you to the Island? asked Juliet. Yes, to save you said Kate. Elisabeth and Marie are inside said Juliet. We will go via the door. I count until 3. 1, 2, 3 and Juliet opened the door. What’s the matter? asked Elisabeth.


Caroline and Alison were in bed kissing with each other. What am I doing? asked Caroline. I can’t do this. I had a relation with Michelle, I can’t do this. You’re 18 and I’m 32 said Caroline. You need a guy, not a woman said Caroline. You’re the first woman who I love said Alison.


Where is Carrie Williams? asked Juliet. Juliet did a glass and smashed it to the wall. Elisabeth and Marie start to run. You follow Marie said Juliet. Marie and Elisabeth were runnin for a few minutes until they saw the woods.

Juliet did take a gun and did shot Marie on her way. She’s dead said Kate. Juliet jumped on Elisabeth who felt on the ground. For who are you working? asked Juliet. I’m working for…uhhh…Ranjina. Juliet did look at Kate.



  • The episode is also called Passing the Way.
  • This is the first episode in when someone smokes.
  • Ranjina didn't appeared although being credited.