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Ranjina Hamir is the wife of Assan Hamir and the sister-in-law from Naseen Hamir. She killed her brother-in-law in order to get closer to Juliet.

Before Day 1Edit

Ranjina was in a hotel where she saw Stephanie Wilson and Melinda Grossman who had a relation at that time. Ranjina was walking on the street and saw a woman on the ground. Ranjina did save the woman and asked who she was. Melissa revealed that she should kill Donna Montgomery, Barbara and Rebecca Miller. Ranjina buyed a gun at Aldo Lighton's shop. Ranjina was going to the house from Donna and did kill Donna, Barbara and Rebecca. Ranjina called the police to pick up the body before they left and she did get a relationship with Melissa until Rob Quare came back. The relation was a year.

Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit